A friend of mine on Facebook made a post criticising the behaviour of certain Christians who bashed a Christian woman for wearing a snake and pentacle. She appreciated the meaning and felt no shame in displaying it. Various comments followed, but one I had to respond to…

FB Commenter: I’m Christian and I believe that we all have to love each other equally. The Lord died on the cross as man to relieve us from sin, period. If you believe he died for your sins and you ask for forgiveness all is well. But worshiping anything but him is questionable.

My response: What I consider questionable is worshipping anything at all, or placing oneself in a state of total vulnerability and sin and at the mercy of a deity as if such a deity is capable and willing to dismiss those who refuse to follow one specific belief system. The very concept of salvation suggests that we are all, by default, hellbound, and only through veneration of a spiritual avatar can we be “saved” from an eternity of torment.

Early Christianity was not so strict and embraced a more here-and-now kind of spirituality instead of projecting divine illumination into the afterlife. I would also suggest that gender does not apply to the spiritual the way it applies to the physical, and such pronouns are only used for the purpose of syntax. But again, it’s just another method of making it easier to relate to.

In the Bible, Jesus said, “The kingdom of Heaven is within.” How one chooses to interpret that is irrelevant as long the result is the same. Christianity is just as valid and effective as any esoteric religion, but it is not authoritative except by the will of the vicar, king or priest. The Will of God permeates, and yet surpasses, all religions that are built upon a moral ground and obey Natural Law.

The religion that strips away the Self and is propagated by fear is the religion that violates the right of the individual to seek conviction via the path that nature uniquely provides them, and it insults their intelligence by insisting that there is only one way to God. Christianity happens to be the religion that is the most divided where there are sects that embrace the mystical and sects that outright condemn it. If you’ve found yourself in the latter then you’re probably the first to claim it as infallible and the questioning of its integrity as blasphemous.

"The joy of life consists in the exercise of one’s energies, continual growth, constant change, the enjoyment of every new experience. To stop means simply to die. The eternal mistake of mankind is to set up an attainable ideal." — Aleister Crowley

I’ve had “attainable ideals” for years. It’s when I stopped and just let things happen of their own accord that something truly attainable surfaced.

If you want to play music, make art, or take photos; learn the instruments. If you want to write, educate yourself in literacy. With anything, be good at it. What you’re supposed to do will reveal itself. It’s like trying to find your keys; you’ll search the house over with no luck. Then, after you’ve stopped destroying everything in your panic-stricken search, there they are.

Life isn’t about having a career; it’s about creating, exploring, imagining, changing, and changing again; it’s about living. Every act should be a magickal act. Every word spoken is a spell; every intent, a prayer. Make sure all that you do leads to something new, something amazing, something beautiful, or even something terrifying. Learn from it all, and be an adept of your existence.

Et maledicam maledicentibus tibi, ad passiones in mundum. Amen!

While constructive criticism is always beneficial to honing the efficiency of an approach, there is a lot of criticism that is simply emotional and reactive (i.e. not constructive).There seem to be some people who, whether consciously or not, want to keep Thelema as a cloistered, elitist, and tiny clique. That is their prerogative – Do what thou wilt, of course – but I believe that I, along with tens of thousands of other people, are doing a lot of substantial work to spread the Law of Thelema to the rest of the world in accordance with the attitude of the Prophet… “The Law is for all” after all, and I say: If we truly believe that Thelema is the Law of Liberty – the Key to our evolution as individuals and a species – we should give as many people as possible the “chance to abide in this bliss or no.”




I had a short discussion today on the validity of the tarot. It’s a shame that such an intensive and ultimately psychological form of divination has been reduced to “fortune telling” and gimmickry. When you really study the tarot you find out just how intricate, balanced and interdependent each card is. You don’t predict the future with it, but you can reveal some elements of someone’s current space in time and what opportunities might be available to them depending on how they choose to go from there. It’s a reflection of the inner Self and nothing more. A well-read tarot reading is just as effective as an hour session with a psychotherapist. Anything else is charlatanism.

I should also note that a tarot reading does not oppose or interfere with any faith, Abrahamic or otherwise. It is NOT communication with spirits or consorting with the stars. It is entirely symbolic and is not meant to be taken as absolute.

A parody I made of a similar image floating around titled "Is Your Child Being Lured Into Witchcraft?"

So I went to my usual cafe/tobacconist/hookah bar earlier today to check on an order, and had to run into someone there I could have gone without seeing ever again: this schizophrenic, extremely religious lady Kim. I thought I had evaded her, but she saw me and talked to me. Then she pulls out this homemade religious tract for me to take. I said, “no, that’s not for me.” She said, “yes, it is.” I said, “no, it really isn’t.” But she insisted that I take it just in case I knew anyone I could give it to. I then took it and said, “I’m taking it, but just for you.” That was good enough for her. It’s got “REPENT!” written in there at least three times, I think, and other typical preachiness.

Can you imagine if I made some Thelema tracts and shoved them in people’s faces?

There’s a big difference between proselytising and promulgating. One pesters, and the other plants seeds. If you have to pester someone to join your cult then it might not be all it’s cracked up to be. When you plant a seed, you leave an idea and hope it takes root. If it doesn’t, so be it. Then you go about your life.

But I would suspect that genuine Christians are more often seed planters. The rest are just seeking company and self-justification. Misery loves company.

It’s always disappointing to come across someone who has bought into the rumour that Aleister Crowley was actually involved in child sacrifice. Then I am compelled to find every quote that debunks it since people don’t bother to find out for themselves. No one, dead or alive, should have their names soiled by ignorance.

lvxoccvltist said: For real, I know people that buy into that crap. He may not have been the best person around, but he didn’t kill anybody, especially children.

He was the “shock rocker” of the time, and is certainly responsible for bringing upon himself the bad attention, but he probably thought, "oh, let them stumble upon their naiveté." Anyone who dares to step into these hidden waters will be the ones to know better, while everyone else can get drunk on hearsay and semantics.


On a lighter note…

After hearing all of the drama regarding the Ferguson riots I thought that whole situation screamed post-punk chamber noise band, so I created these images as faux album covers (front and back) for my faux band called ferguson.

The original images were not taken by me, but they were taken on location. I found them in a Google search, then I just added some layers and filter effects. The first image originally just had billowing smoke behind the guy, so I added the fire effect.

The question is: do I leave this as just a joke, or should I actually assemble some musicians and do a one-off music project as an ode to the whole situation?

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theogonic-symphonic-tragedysaid: what you know of him (his work) will live on forever. Worry more on how you might prevent such despair for those still fighting their fight, would be my advice (not that you want it). <3

Absolutely. That’s precisely my point. I’ve always felt it to be part of my purpose in this life to do just that, and I hope that I have helped in those times of need. Sometimes you just never know, but you keep going, because you can’t dwell on the what ifs and expect to be present for others. That can often occur, making yourself into a mess, like a sin-eater.